Motivational Speakers: Their Advantages and Motivations

When you were younger, you tend to do part-time jobs every summer. You enjoyed it even though the salary was not really that much, right? Well most motivational speakers are like you when you were younger. They do motivational speaking as their ‘part-time job’ and they enjoy it too. However, the difference between the younger you and those speakers is that their salary is relatively higher than yours were.

You see, motivational speakers are not just speakers per se. They also have other jobs like normal people. Though what they receive from each of their speaking engagements is pretty high, they cannot abandon their real jobs because those jobs have brought them to the speaking career. They have to continually excel in their profession so that they will have more stories and important information to share with their audiences.

Motivational SpeakersMotivational speakers vary from one career to another. Some of them are entrepreneurs, some are teachers, and others are politicians. There are also athletes, environmentalists, TV personalities, and a whole lot more. Their profession is a factor in how much they will be paid, so they cannot really give up their primary career. Therefore, you must be attentive when they speak in your school or in one of your company seminars because you might find something in their discussion that could eventually prove to be useful.

These kinds of speakers usually relate themselves to their audiences because they have to get their attention to effectively impart their topic. Typically, they use their own stories to communicate with their audiences. You should know that before these people became motivational speakers, they have experienced various kinds of failures too. They know firsthand how it is to be humiliated, defeated, and unsuccessful – all of the possible kinds of failure you can think of. But failures are just another side of the story because they have changed. They became successful.

“If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”

Eric Thomas

Motivational Speaker

NFL Cornerback for 9 Seasons

Most motivational speakers know that success does not come instantly. A lot of hard work, patience, and skill development are needed to be able to get to where they are now. Whatever they have experienced in the past and what they are now, the entirety of it serves as their engine to keep moving forward. That is why they are so driven and vigorous when they speak, because they know that success does not come that easy.

Now, these people are the top personalities in their own fields. What’s interesting is that they can even have other sidelines aside from giving motivational talks. They can be instructors and/or writers.

Instructors are different from speakers. In motivational talks, speakers do not provide any handout. They just talk and motivate their audiences. But, instructors educate and provide educational materials such as handbooks to better help the audience understand the topic.

On the other hand, writing is a lot different from motivating and teaching. This is more convenient than the two in many ways, because they can further discuss their topics without pressure. They could even add through writing some points they could not include when speaking. This is a very good sideline too, because they can even broaden their audience especially now that people are into social media. They can write for blogs, write for online magazines, and even write their own book, set up their own blog. These other sidelines do not only make them more popular, they also make them more affluent.

All in all, choosing to be a speaker comes with all sorts of advantages, and that’s why many are trying their luck in pursuing such a career.

PCB Assembly – Pros and Cons of Surface-Mount Technology

Printed circuit board, usually known as PCB assembly, has continuously progressed over several years to turn into a streamlined, productive, and an essential element of a wide array of automobiles, computing terminals, machines and various other electronic gadgets. Furthermore, they also have an unmatched impact on the launch of new inventions and innovations in the international electronics sector. The compact foundation and substantial dependability in electrically hooking up specific electronic pieces of a device’s design emphasizes the intricacy necessary to produce premium quality printed circuit boards.

These days, the most widely used PCB assembly approach is SMT or surface mount technology. This has become a huge advancement over previous assembly methods, like plated through-hole or PTH assembly. In a number of ways, SMT assembly is currently regarded as the standard of printed circuit board assembly techniques.


The main benefits of SMT over the PTH method are the following:

1. SMT has smaller parts. By 2012, the smallest is measured at 0.4 × 0.2 millimeters. It is anticipated to produce 0.25 × 0.125 millimeter measurements in the 2013.

2. It has increased component density and a lot more connections for each component.

3. It required a lesser number of holes to be drilled.

4. SMT is an easier and quicker automated PCB assembly. A number of placement models are designed for placing over 136 thousand components each hour.

5. Minor glitches in component positioning are fixed automatically since the surface pressure of liquefied solder aligns the parts with solder pads.

6. Parts may be put on the two sides of the printed circuit board.

7. It carries a reduced level of inductance and resistance of the connection. As a result, there is only less undesirable radio wave signal and more foreseeable high-frequency efficiency.

8. It performs better mechanically under vibration conditions.

9. It requires lower preliminary cost and lesser setup time for production.

10. Numerous SMT components are less costly as compared to equivalent PTH components.

11. It has better lower radiated emissions compatibility on account of the smaller sized lead inductance and the more compact radiation loop spot.


Pcb assembly1. Surface mount technology is a manual prototype set up, which has a higher difficulty level. This indicates that it demands qualified operators and higher priced tools, because of the tiny sizes and lead spatial arrangements of several surface-mount devices.

2. These devices cannot be utilized straight to plug-in bread boards, a click-and-play prototyping application. This means that it would need either a customized PCB assembly for each prototype or the installation of the surface mount device on a pin guided carrier. To prototype a certain SMD part, a cheaper breadboard may work extremely well. In addition, strip board type proto boards may be employed. Many of which incorporate shields for regular sized components. Dead bug breadboard may be utilized for prototyping.

3. Solder joint measurements in surface mount technology speedily become a lot smaller while improvements are built in the direction of super fine pitch engineering. The dependability of solder joints turns into more of an issue, since much less solder is permitted for every joint. Voiding has been a mistake frequently related to solder joints, particularly when reflowing SMT’s solder paste. The existence of voids may weaken the joint and ultimately bring about joint failure.

4. The solder connections could possibly be destroyed through planting of substances undergoing thermal cycling.

5. SMT is inapplicable as the only attachment technique for parts that are susceptible to recurrent mechanical tension, like connectors that are utilized to program together with external resources that are often fastened and detached.

6. This type of PCB assembly is also not fit for huge, high-power components, just like in electric circuitry. It’s quite common to incorporate SMT and PTH design, with heat-sunk power semiconductors, transformers, large-sized capacitors, connectors, fuses, and many others installed on a single side of the printed circuit board through holes.

Author Bio:

Before printed circuit boards became the heart of electronics, extremely bulky and complicated wiring designs were the standard components of electric-powered machines.

The Side Effects

HCG drops have fewer known side effect associated them than do HCG injections. Also, whatever side effects were reported to be associated with the drops were also reported to be less intense and less severe than those caused by the injections. By far, the worst side effects of an HCG diet–among those who were using the drops–were more properly ascribed to the restricted calorie portion of the plan than to the hormone itself. Sluggish brain function (a side effect of restricted calorie diets) is known to lead to crankiness and irritability. It is also known to lower willpower, making a person who’s trying to lose weight all the more susceptible to junk food and overeating. Another downside to using HCG drops is that, once a person stops using the drops, any weight she lost is likely to come right back. For women, the drug has also been known to over stimulate the ovaries, which causes extreme abdominal and pelvic pain. Symptoms can also include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, weight gain (!), and swelling of the hands and feet. If you are a woman and have experienced any of these symptom while taking HCG, you must consult a physician immediately. What follows is a more comprehensive list of side effects that have been reported with HCG use.

    real hcg drops
  • Quickly regaining lost weight
  • Binge eating and purging
  • Slowdown or even shutdown of metabolism
  • Metabolizing muscle instead of fat
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased mobility and weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Headaches

Some men wrongly assume that, since HCG is found naturally in pregnant women, that they run the risk of developing feminine characteristics if they themselves should begin to use it. That idea holds no merit. Women, also, run no risk of developing male pattern baldness as a result of HCG use. Hair loss among women is much more commonly result of poor nutrition than anything else.

It is important to know that, in many localities, that it is illegal to possess, buy or sell HCG without a prescription. Anyone found to illegally possess HCG could face jail time. The HCG drops and injections typically sold on the Internet is most often illegal. Beware, therefore, if you are thinking about making such a purchase online.

Quick-fix weight loss plans–which do not include a sensible diet and moderate exercise–are not helpful for most people. Long-term weight loss is best achieved gradually, again through sensible diet and moderate exercise. Weight that is shed top rapidly (as through the HCG diet plan) is often more harmful than helpful in the long run.

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Real hcg drops contain all natural ingredients, which make this a very safe way for you to lose weight. You don’t have to worry about injections, or spending thousands of dollars at clinics – these drops are taken orally and as a result, the cost is much lower than other diet options.

Why Buy Mk-2866

Mk-2866 is an investigational androgen receptor modulator, or SARM, used in treatment of muscle wasting conditions and osteoporosis. It works by exerting its anabolic effects solely on the tissue in skeletal muscles. People buy mk2866 for a variety of conditions such as AIDS or other cancer-related wasting, age-related muscular atrophy or sarcopenia, to lessen atrophy during recovery time from deep surgery or other related situations. It is effective in increasing and maintaining lean body mass. Mk-2866 is also known as Ostarine.

Ostarine MK-2866In a study, mk2866 met the main endpoint of lean body mass measured by a DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan. It did this by showing statistically substantial increases in lean body mass in contrast to the baseline in mk2866 1mg and 3mg treatments. Another study on mk-2866 regarding the treatment of cachexia was done, and it was found that there is a potential for SARMS to aid those suffering from cachexia by way of increasing patients’ lean body mass. It was also mentioned that there are currently no FDA-approved therapies that is available for cachexia. The reason to buy mk-2866 is for this and other similar conditions.

It should be noted that mk2866, or Ostarine, can be confused with andarine but they are not the same. The chemical structure of mk2866 has not been made public, but its chemical composition is being revealed in patient databases. Mk2866 and Andarine/S-4, S-23 are some of the most advanced putative therapeutics that are under investigation, though there are also other SARM chemotypes that exist, such as bicyclic hydantoins, quinolinones, and quinolines. The difference of mk2866 from andarine is the cyano substitutions on the phenyl rings for it takes the place of both the acematido and nitro moieties.

In another study of mk2866, they found that old men and women had an increase in muscle of about 3 lbs on average. It is of note that these were old people, which meant that they had few anabolic hormones in their body and were more likely to react better to mk2866 as opposed to a young person with good levels of testosterone. Other users who buy mk-2866 have stated slight gains in strength and in size. Majority of the people who buy mk-2866 use it in cycles because of the belief that it is less suppressive to the natural hormones, while others do a post cycle therapy (PCT) after mk-2866 because while mk2866 can be suppressive at certain doses, it does not necessarily allow for full recovery. This means that PCT must be done afterwards.

While it is possible to buy mk2866, it has been advertised as being unsafe for human consumption, though, a pharmaceutical company named GTx has been going through some FDA approved trials on mk2866. Until GTx is finished with their testing, mk2866 is still out there and available for purchase. Sellers of mk-2866 should submit a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) to the FDA before selling it, but this rarely happens because they know that the FDA would never give the green light for the sale of mk2866 as a dietary supplement because of the fact that it is being investigated by GTx as a drug. Again, though, until it is outright banned, mk2866 can be bought and can even be seen being advertised online and it comes in small bottles.

In the end, it is up to the people if they wish to try out mk2866 or other SARMs. A lot of forums online, especially bodybuilding forums, have people tell of their experiences with mk2866. They even give their recommendations on ideal use and dosage. So far, there have been no reports of any major side effects while using mk2866.

Long Island Foreclosure Attorneys Can Give You Options

What good does consulting a Long Island foreclosure attorney do you? How can they help you avoid or go thru foreclosure? Below are a few answers that you might find elucidating.

Loan Document Audit

A Long Island foreclosure attorney has two things to offer when it comes to loan auditing. First, they have the expertise to sort thru your loan documents and make sure that everything is in order. This is a lot harder than you think. This is because there are several laws relevant to home loans and foreclosure. It is the proper interpretation of these laws and the correlation of one with the other that makes it so hard to know if the loan offered to you, and signed by you is 100% legit. Also, aside from the documents itself, a lawyer will make sure that the proper process of application and approval was conducted.

Long Island foreclosure attorneySecond, in case there is something wrong with the loan documents or the proper procedure was not followed, then they can actually demand that the proper correction and appropriate remedies be given to you. Bear in mind that once you start accusing your bank/lender of misdeeds, you will be blocked by their crack legal team. How can a non lawyer defend you or make a proper reply if the venue has been moved to the court? The answer is they cannot. Inevitably you will be made to hire a lawyer.

Foreclosure Options

A seasoned Long Island foreclosure attorney can perform an audit of your loan documents and tell you feasible options at your disposal. This will allow you to make an informed choice. Bear in mind that there is the option of loan modification. Generally speaking there are two types: government mandated/regulated; and elective. If you do not qualify for the former, then you need to apply for the latter.

Foreclosure is Inevitable

Realistically speaking, for some individuals, foreclosure is their only option. This is because they took out a loan that is way beyond their capacity to pay. No amount of modification can change an individual’s financial capacity or lack of it.

A Long Island foreclosure attorney can tell you straight to your face to allow the foreclosure. This is as opposed to being given empty promises and bad advice that will only get you sunk more into debt.

Foreclosure Horror Story

A Nevada based company styled themselves as foreclosure prevention experts. One company even had the audacity to call themselves Federal Housing Authority, even if they had no license to do so, and are not connected in any way with the government. These are non lawyers and non paralegals with little or no basis for their claims as experts.

Their trick is to dupe consumers into waiting things out and do nothing; all the while collecting hefty fees. They said that it is best to stop paying mortgages because if they keep paying the same, their lender will not negotiate. As a result, majority of clients that signed up eventually get foreclosure demand letters. The company then promised to escalate the matter to their negotiation team. All the client needed to do was wait. Negotiations should take anywhere between 1 to 6 months. The important thing was for the client to stop communicating with their banks and lenders. They kept promising their clients that even if their current lender won’t play ball, they could always apply for a refinance form another bank or lender.

In the meantime, these so called experts told their clients to sign up for credit repair, for a separate fee that is. This will help them get a refinance from another bank or lender.

After a little less than 3 years of operation, the company closed down. The CEO and board were indicted with fraud. Most of their clients suffered thru foreclosure. What was worst, some of these individuals could have applied for and gotten a deal with the bank.

Buying a Storage Container? – Read This First

Storage containers are usually refurbished shipping containers that are stackable and modular. These containers are built to be tough, withstanding weight, moisture, and salt. These features also make them ideal to store goods and properties like furniture, equipment, merchandise, and almost everything worth storing.

If you are looking for a storage container, it’s always good idea to do some research so you can lay down all the options available and choose wisely.

Storage duration

Storage containerIf you only require storage of your goods for a few months, it might be better, budget wise, to rent instead of purchasing one. Of course, you also have the option of selling the container, but you will have to go through the hassles of marketing in order to dispose of it.

Storage size

Containers usually come in 20 feet or 40 feet in length. They are commonly available in heights of 8 feet and 6 inches or 9 feet and 6 inches and are usually 8 feet wide. There are wider and longer containers but most of them are customized to the customer’s specifications.

It’s obvious that more storage volume a container has, the more expensive it is. You have to come up with accurate measurements of what you need to store so you don’t end up paying for more space than what you really need.

Storage location

A storage container can be pretty big and some counties and cities may have implemented restrictions as to its use. There may also be only certain areas where containers are allowed. Make sure that you clear this out with the local government.

The usual space allowance for these types of structures is twice the length of the container and an additional 10 feet. This ensures adequate space for delivery.

The area where the container will be located should also be level for safe usage.

Storage condition

Since a storage container is made from used shipping container, it can be of varying appearance and sturdiness. Some may have met with harsher conditions than others, making them less reliable if you require air and water proof storage.

Make a research of the options and conditions available on the market. There are ‘one trip’ containers that are sold after just a single shipping. Some of the newer containers made from ‘corten steel’ are better for use in areas near salt water and tropical climates because they can withstand harsher environments without corroding or rusting. ‘Factory paint’ containers are less prone to paint peeling due to rust than repainted ones.

The World Wide Web can be a helpful tool when looking for a storage container. Used ‘as-is’ containers can go for as low as $1,500 while refurbished ones can go up to $5,000. Before buying, you need to have the container inspected so it can be checked for dents, leaks, paint peeling, and other problems that you don’t want in storing your goods. You can either hire a certified professional inspector to check on the used container or you can do it yourself.

When all the above factors have been considered, list down all the available options on a spreadsheet and make comparisons. Then make a decision according to your budget and storage needs.

Storage experts

Of course, if you don’t have the time and expertise to look for containers to be used for your storage, you can always have more experienced storage companies do the work for you.

Here is where Moveable Cubicle, the nation’s leader in portable storage, can help you. With competitive pricing and options for both rental and sale, they’ve got your storage requirements covered. Moveable Cubicle has offices in 60 locations across the USA and is just a phone call away.

The Benefits of Using Customized Logo Lanyards

Lanyards are the best means to spread out the word about your company, group or event since a customized sentence or phrase can be printed on them. If you are looking for a marketing tool for promotional plan, it is obvious that you would look for something that would be used frequently and at the same time very effective. Customized logo lanyards are perfect for this category since they come in handy in different daily activities for employees and clients as well. Also, these are less costly and so there is no need to invest a lot on it.

Advantages of Using Customized Lanyards

If you are still in doubt if these logo lanyards will be really effective, then below are some of the top reasons that will convince you that these lanyards are very effective in promoting your company.

Excellent for Promotions


The main advantage of using this personalized lanyards is that it serves as a very visible and helpful promotional item for your business. It is a great way to generate product awareness and to create brand recall.

Very Affordable

There is no need for you to invest a lot just like other promotional items. Based on the chosen materials and design, it is not going to cost more than $1 for a single piece. It will fit your budget perfectly. To save a lot from purchasing the item, you can order it in bulk.

Security Reasons

By encouraging your employees to wear customized logo lanyards while in the company premises, it would be easy to identify them. This is very useful when your team is in sales event, conventions or any other public event since it will be easier for you to identify your employee in the crowd, without having a hard time to reach them out, in case of an emergency.

Complement Other Items

Customized lanyards go well with other promotional items like ceramic mugs, jackets, bottles, caps and planners. The lanyard can be also used along with other products to promote your business.

Using the Lanyards Effectively

There is one aspect regarding customized logo lanyards that lots of people don’t know – they can be utilized for more than one purpose at a time. Below are some ways on how you can use them effectively.

You can use the lanyard to display your ID, while it can also hold other things at the same time. For example, you can get a small pouch to the lanyard hook, where you can keep business cards, pens, money as well as other small items.

Secure Several Items on a Lanyard

Also, you can secure several items on the lanyard, which means that a pouch can be attached to the cord aside from clasping that can get hold of water bottles. The lanyard can also be utilized to hold a pet pouch or key chains. Actually, lanyards can hold many clasps at a time, so they can be quite resourceful to say the least.

There is a wide range of attachments that can be fastened on to a lanyard so that you can utilize it for multiple purposes. Some of the attachments are thumb latch, water clamp and cellphone loop aside from the standard hooks.

Now that you are aware of the reasons to use customized logo lanyards as a promotional item and you have learned how to use them effectively, it is time to start using them to promote your business. With the lanyards affordability, practicality and versatility, they are definitely a sensible promotional memento, and provide real value for money. So, what are you waiting for, make use of customized lanyards effectively and see the results.

Five Tips to consider when buying a lanyard

One of the cheapest promotional items that is widely used to advertise businesses, schools and organizations are neck lanyards. Lanyards are budget friendly, useful and easy to wear, making them among the most favored giveaways by businessmen and event organizers. There are several types of lanyards depending on the materials: cord, nylon, cotton, and polyester to name some; these lanyards are easily customized, from the materials used to the kind of design to be printed.

Neck LanyardsDo remember to invest in quality more than the quantity of the lanyards. Investing in a quality item to give away reflects, even in a small way, the image of your business. Whether you are giving these lanyards for free or selling them at a price,  make sure that they are durable, the print is not easily erased, and the clasp not easily detached or broken. Here are some tips for you when choosing or buying neck lanyards:

1. Identify the purpose
When you decide about buying in bulk, think about the purpose of your giveaway. It is easy to just order lanyards and give them away only to realize that you do not need one at all. Are they going to be used in a meeting or a seminar? Will the lanyards be distributed in an an event with many people?

Knowing the purpose of your item will give you a clearer view of what kind of materials to order or use. For example when you decided on making it a giveaway for a sports event; you might want your lanyard to be durable and made of a material that is easy on the skin.

2. The devil is in the details
If you have a customized design in mind that you want printed on the lanyard, consider the intricacy of the details. Is it a simple design or a more complex detailed design? This will help you choose the kind of material best suited for the design you want printed out.

Finer designs means you need to opt for the nylon or dye sublimation types since these are suited for such. If the design is simple, there are more choices for you to choose from.

3. Is it for long-time or short-time use?

Are you going to require the use of the lanyard every day? Is it the recommended lanyard in the office together with the ID? If your company is opting to focus on company branding, more often than not, your employees will be required to wear the prescribed neck lanyard every day. With this, you may want to opt for the ones that do not easily wear out. Is it for one-time use like a nameplate for a 3-day seminar? Then you can opt for lighter materials suitable to hold a simple name tag.

4. Light load or heavier load?

As the one who is giving the neck lanyards to people, one of the things you might not concern yourself with is the things these people will hang using their lanyards. But if you are promoting something like keys, it might be helpful to make the clasp more durable and ready to handle the weight of keys.

5. Budget

Lastly, consider your budget, lanyards may be cheap but depending on the design and other additional features you want to add, some suppliers may add charges. So, unless you want to spend more money for a fancy lanyard, be reasonable and realistic.

Make sure that you ask for a sample of the neck lanyards you want before buying them in bulk. This ensures that you get what you really want and test whether your supplier produces quality products that are able to meet your expectations.

Custom Military Coins for a Specific Application

Some people do not know the real essence of military coins. On the other hand, all members of the military understand how vital these items are in their lives. Military challenge coins represent many things that soldiers experience when they respond to their call of duty. Aside from providing soldiers with a great sense of belonging, challenge coins symbolize the pride and honor of these brave men and women.

Military challenge coins serve as the emblem of the mission or unit in which a member belongs or reports to. These items are often customized in order to exactly signify the unit or mission. For this reason, important elements such as size, shape, color and overall style should be chosen carefully in order to set a certain coin design apart from others. It is vital as every piece of challenge coin represent a specific application, mission or unit in which they will be given for.

Custom Military coinsCustom challenge coins are brought by soldiers all the time no matter what their branch is in the military. These coins are found in every branch of the military, which include the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. However, the National Guard and the Coast Guard also make use of these challenge coins. Every branch of the military has a certain insignia, which helps to identify them efficiently. These custom military coins are typically awarded to soldiers who have given their best during missions. They are also given to members of the military who provide genuine service and do exceptional bravery acts.

The commanding officer of the branch or division often awards custom challenge coins. The president can also award military challenge coins to outstanding soldiers. These coins are highly valuable as they symbolize the honor and pride of soldiers who fight for the country at all cost. They are awarded as a symbol of appreciation of the nation for the sacrifices given by these selfless men and women in the field of the military. The accomplishments, efforts and hard work of soldiers are acknowledged efficiently by awarding custom military challenge coins.

Custom military coins symbolize the goodwill and strong bonds developed by members of the military while on missions. They represent the pride of every soldier who is willing to lose his or her life just to protect the freedom of the country. These items can be just ordinary for some people but for soldiers, they can mean everything. As soldiers are people who strongly fight for dignity and honor, they surely put high value on these challenge coins. No one can ever say that military challenge coins are just ordinary things that do not have any significance. Challenge coins symbolize the lives lost in wars and battles. They represent the heart and soul of soldiers who defend the country against anyone who threatens the safety and liberty of every citizen.

Military coins can come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and designs. However, if you want to have a unique and personalized item, then you should go for custom military challenge coins. These items are perfect when they are intended to be awarded to a soldier who has done an exceptional act of bravery while on duty. This type of military challenge coins is also ideal when awarding on special events or missions. These challenge coins surely represent their significance very well as they have the exact elements. They can also include some information or message that indicates the rank and name of the officer who awards them. Recipients of these challenge coins will surely treasure them knowing that their efforts are recognized by their superiors and the government. Military coins are an excellent means of appreciating and recognizing all the sacrifices given by military people for their country.